SEAL Analytical

ID : 179587
Brand : SEAL Analytical
Last Update : 11/11/2564 10:25 Preview : 540
A SEAL Discrete nutrient analyzer completely automates your manual wet chemistry methods, mimicking the operation of a laboratory chemist and adding the ability to measure multiple analytes simultaneously.
ID : 179588
Brand : SEAL Analytical
Model : AA500 AutoAnalyzer
Last Update : 30/11/2564 10:22 Preview : 396
The AA500 is the top-of-the-line AutoAnalyzer incorporating the latest innovations to deliver your laboratory the freedom of total automation while achieving very high precision and the lowest detections levels.
ID : 179589
Brand : SEAL Analytical
Model : MiniLab BOD Analyzer
Last Update : 19/11/2564 09:49 Preview : 378
The MiniLab BOD Analyzer is the robotic analyzer boasting quick setup, precision robotics, true flexibility and reliablility for automated BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand). Transform your laboratory's BOD analysis and boost your productivity.